Thanks for Everything

Break Free 2

For all You truly are

For all I truly am

For all that truly is

Thank you.


The Lord’s Prayer (Remix)

Mountains3Most Beloved,
In whom I live and move and breathe,
Your name is a blessing
In my ears.

I seek Your truth
So I may live in oneness
With You and all creation
For You are the source of everything I need.

Teach me how to accept forgiveness
By learning to forgive.
Turn my feet from harmful pathways.
Rescue me from danger.

You are the dawn that brings me light.
You are the wind that gives me flight.
You alone inspire
My grateful songs of praise.


Author’s Note:
Lately I’ve been captured by the beauty of the Aramaic version of the Lord’s Prayer. So I decided to try composing my own English paraphrase, based on what I’ve learned about its meaning. I call it a remix because it draws its rhythms from a different source than good King Jimmy’s more familiar version.

Of course, other English translations of the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer have been done by actual Aramaic language scholars (which I most definitely am not). I certainly don’t pretend to have improved upon those interpretations. But after pondering what I learned, I felt a strong need to express this prayer in my own words and my own way. Still, I hope it transcends my own beliefs, or any religious viewpoint for that matter, and expresses the heart of anyone who embraces the reality of Divine Presence.

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Who You Are

One day I prayed:

“God, I really don’t have a clue who You are.”

And God replied:

“That’s because you don’t have a clue who you are…”


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A Hymn for Breathing

As I walk beside this twilight ocean
Tranquil tides shuffle back and forth along the shore.
I feel the waters gently breathing at my feet,
A steady rhythm in concert with my own:

In, and out.
In, and out.

Above the sand
Seagulls fly, circling the reedy dunes.
They dart, dip, drop, then soar,
Skating on the sky
As they thread the racing wind.

In, and out.
In, and out.

Beneath the tumbling waves
Nestled in liquid stillness
Lies a world of wonder
Where mysterious creatures of the deep
Weave their way through sunken grottos.

In, and out.
In, and out.

And I, caught between the wind and water,
Embrace this sacred moment:
All the earth in motion,
Breathing life together
In harmony with the heavenly vision.

For we are all connected.
We are all one universe,
Born of one Heart, one Voice, one Rhythm.
We are God’s masterpiece,
A divine symphony

Offering up a hymn of praise
As we all breathe
The Breath of Life

In, and out.
In, and out.

Tiny Prayers

No matter where you are in the world, it’s likely that
Somewhere a child is praying for you…

Little kids are much better at praying than adults. It’s all pretty simple to them. They start with “God bless Mommy and Daddy”, then proceed to ask God to bless everyone else around the world – including, but not limited to:

brothers and sisters
grandmothers and grandfathers
aunts and uncles

They even ask God to bless those starving children in Africa we told them about so they’d eat their veggies (which are getting colder by the minute, if this is the dinner blessing).

Often during these sustained soliloquies, we grown-ups find ourselves with one eyelid up, hoping to catch the young intercessor’s attention long enough to transmit the “hurry up” sign. Of course, those innocent eyes are shut tight from our outside interference. Meanwhile, that tiny tongue shows no signs of flagging. But you know something?

No matter how long they pray, or how many people they pray for – seems those sweet little buggers never ask a single thing for themselves.

Who taught them to pray like that?

And when did my simple childhood prayers of “God bless us everyone” morph into “Oh Lord won’t You buy me a Mercedes-Benz“?