A New Covenant

Close yesterday’s pages

Open your heart to possibility
Breath deeply and listen.

The ancient texts have taught us well
But today the Word of God
Has been spoken in you.


Thanks for Everything

Break Free 2

For all You truly are

For all I truly am

For all that truly is

Thank you.

The Lord’s Prayer (Remix)

Mountains3Most Beloved,
In whom I live and move and breathe,
Your name is a blessing
In my ears.

I seek Your truth
So I may live in oneness
With You and all creation
For You are the source of everything I need.

Teach me how to accept forgiveness
By learning to forgive.
Turn my feet from harmful pathways.
Rescue me from danger.

You are the dawn that brings me light.
You are the wind that gives me flight.
You alone inspire
My grateful songs of praise.


Author’s Note:
Lately I’ve been captured by the beauty of the Aramaic version of the Lord’s Prayer. So I decided to try composing my own English paraphrase, based on what I’ve learned about its meaning. I call it a remix because it draws its rhythms from a different source than good King Jimmy’s more familiar version.

Of course, other English translations of the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer have been done by actual Aramaic language scholars (which I most definitely am not). I certainly don’t pretend to have improved upon those interpretations. But after pondering what I learned, I felt a strong need to express this prayer in my own words and my own way. Still, I hope it transcends my own beliefs, or any religious viewpoint for that matter, and expresses the heart of anyone who embraces the reality of Divine Presence.

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Who You Are

One day I prayed:

“God, I really don’t have a clue who You are.”

And God replied:

“That’s because you don’t have a clue who you are…”


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If Only

Once in a moment of failure
God came to me.

He didn’t scold.
He didn’t threaten.
He didn’t punish.

He simply said:

“You are worth more to me
Than you have ever dared to dream.
If only you knew it
It would change everything.”


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A Little Good News

I heard the news today
They let some criminal out of jail.
I heard the news today
They killed a carpenter with some nails.
I heard they had to bury him
In an unused borrowed grave.
I sure could use
A little good news

I heard the news today
From women weeping at his tomb.
I heard the news today
His friends were hiding in some room.
I heard how they deserted him
How they all just ran away.
I sure could use
A little good news

I heard the news today
An earthquake rumbled through the land
I heard the news today
A dead man walks the streets again.
I heard they only found a shroud
Where his body used to lay.
I sure could use
A little good news

I really could use
Some really good news

(Bad news or good news? Sometimes it’s all a matter of perspective, isn’t it? Happy Easter, everyone!)