Believe It or Not

A parable:

Long ago, a young couple was standing on a deserted beach.

The man sank his toes into what he had always been told was a flat earth. He fixed his gaze upon the flat ocean shimmering before him. Staring straight out into the horizon, as far as his eyes could see, he suddenly had a thought:

“Beyond that distant horizon, beyond anything I can see – there’s more.”

Meanwhile, the woman turned her eyes towards the big blue sky that hovered far above the ocean. Considering the huge, mysterious canopy that stretched out over her head, she also had a startling thought:

“Beyond that big blue sky, beyond the clouds, beyond anything I can see – there’s more.”

The two looked at one another. They shared their observations. Then, despite all they had been told, they dared to to believe it was true. They dared to believe in something far beyond what they could see. Because of their belief, their whole world suddenly took shape and a vast universe opened up before them.

Today, I stand in front of a mirror, looking at a flat image of me.

So what is it that I’m seeing?

  • Chemistry tells me I am just water and elements.
  • Physics tells me I am just matter and energy.
  • Biology tells me I am just a mammal.
  • The mirror tells me I am just an old man.

But as I stare straight into those curious eyes that stare right back at me, suddenly I have a startling thought:

“Beyond what I’ve been told, beyond anything I can see – there’s more.”

Dare I believe it?

Dare I not?


11 responses to “Believe It or Not

  1. This is what a great post should be. What you think becomes what you are. An ordinary person, it may be. A flat image, it may be. What eyes can not see, what fingers can not touch, it is the more of you inside.

    • You are right, Koe. If we think we are limited, we will limit ourselves. But if we believe there is more to us than what we see, we will push past the boundaries.

      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

  2. I love this post. It captures the nature of that constant battle between what is and what could be. No matter where we are, what the circumstances, there’s always more that we can be…

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  4. I echo everyone’s response here, Ken… I think this is a powerfully written piece. When we begin seeing ourselves as more than what the world around us sees, we’ll begin to notice that more is being revealed to us about ourselves. A very spiritual awakening read here, my friend. Loved it! 🙂

    • Hi Deone,

      I definitely feel like there is an awakening going on within me lately, and part of it is a turning away from outside opinions and going inward to find out who I really am. Seems many people are more interested in capturing, classifying and pinning me to the Styrofoam than in letting me discover that I can fly…

      Thanks for the comment and for also for the share on G+. 🙂

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