A Hymn for Breathing

As I walk beside this twilight ocean
Tranquil tides shuffle back and forth along the shore.
I feel the waters gently breathing at my feet,
A steady rhythm in concert with my own:

In, and out.
In, and out.

Above the sand
Seagulls fly, circling the reedy dunes.
They dart, dip, drop, then soar,
Skating on the sky
As they thread the racing wind.

In, and out.
In, and out.

Beneath the tumbling waves
Nestled in liquid stillness
Lies a world of wonder
Where mysterious creatures of the deep
Weave their way through sunken grottos.

In, and out.
In, and out.

And I, caught between the wind and water,
Embrace this sacred moment:
All the earth in motion,
Breathing life together
In harmony with the heavenly vision.

For we are all connected.
We are all one universe,
Born of one Heart, one Voice, one Rhythm.
We are God’s masterpiece,
A divine symphony

Offering up a hymn of praise
As we all breathe
The Breath of Life

In, and out.
In, and out.


8 responses to “A Hymn for Breathing

  1. In and out
    In and out

    is the feeling of breath he gave me
    for this moment like moments past
    every breath is sweeter than the last

    His peaceful arms surround me and gently says
    Breath In
    Then he releases me but never letting go and says
    Breath Out


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