God Enough

God, on those days when I can’t figure out
WHO You are
WHAT You are
WHERE You are

I find peace in knowing simply
THAT You are
That You love Me
And that
Your love is all that matters.


4 responses to “God Enough

  1. And that my friend is good enough. I find peace in knowing that He knows right where I am as well. The growth that I’m in need of, he will make sure to provide. It may not be to the standards of society would have them be, but His thoughts and ways are far beyond what society will ever think. Thanks mate for sharing your thoughts on our Creator’s love being enough.

    • Amen to that, Deeone. God’s thoughts and ways are much higher than ours.

      My mind wants to know “Who, What, Where” about a God who simply transcends all of that. I won’t find God in knowing all the answers, but rather in the quiet voice that whispers to my spirit, “Be still and know THAT I AM…”

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