Voicemail from God (Press 1-1)

“Hi, this is God:

I have given you life, now
Go live it, risk it, invest it all to reap the abundance
I have made available to you.

My hand will be there to guide you and keep you safe
BUT I TRUST YOU, my child, to do it.
Here, I’m giving you the keys.

Now go live it and be wonderful and
Feel wonderful and do wonderful and
Come to the end of your time on earth knowing
You had fun.”

Now, seriously…

Does that sound to you like a message from God?

Or is this more like it:

“I am the Lord Your God:

Read your Bible
Say your prayers
Go to church
Give your tithe

Clean up your room
Pick up your socks
Obey all the rules and
Whatever you do, DON’T SCREW UP.

In this you will find joy
Just don’t ever let Me catch you having
Too much fun…”

I like the first message better, don’t you?

Want to know a secret?

I think God likes the first one better, too.  🙂


4 responses to “Voicemail from God (Press 1-1)

  1. Hi Ken!

    I love this post, that’s how God wants to show us the real life and its real meaning. The first message shows the purpose of God, and how we’ve to live our lives to be a success with Him. The second one shows, how people make of God a meaningless routine. I definitively, believe in the first message, because is all that God really wants from us.

    God bless you!


    • Hello Vivian,

      I’m glad you liked the first message as well. It is certainly what God has been showing to me lately.

      Sadly, the second message is a lot like what I was taught in “New Christians Class” when I was a kid…

      Thanks for visiting, and for your encouraging comment. God bless you, too.

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