It’s All About Eve

Every Mother’s Day, I honor my own incredible mom and my wonderful wife. This year, I’m adding a new tradition. Starting this Mother’s Day, I’d like to recognize a very special mother:

The mother who started it all.

The mother of all mothers.


Poor Eve has gotten a bad rap over these many millennia:  Serpent-greeter… Apple-eater… Husband-misleader…

Excuse me just a second…

Can we set all that aside for a moment? Can we come down off our holy high horses long enough to honor this magnificent woman who gave birth to the entire human race? As her children, I think it’s high time we rose up and blessed her.


The crowning work of all God’s creation. How beautiful she must have been. When God brought her to Adam, all he could do is stand there wide-eyed and drop-jawed and try to say something clever, like:

“This is bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh”.

(Hmm. Not the best pickup line in the history of the world there, Adam.)

But who could blame the guy? She had to be stunning as she stood there in her altogether, smiling sweetly at him. He instantly loved her. She was simply spectacular.

But that’s not all…

Eve gave birth to the very first baby.  There were no Lamaze classes for her to attend. No mother of her own to offer sage advice.  No support group of expectant girlfriends to swap stories with. Yet, with God’s hand calmly and gently guiding her through the process, she did it, all on her own.

(So where was Adam during all this? Well, I imagine he was in a pure panic: “Help God, my wife is going to explode!” That’s probably about the time God told him to go out and name all the animals – you know, try to keep him busy so he wouldn’t freak out.)  

Eve likely had many children. She raised them all without Dr. Spock, Dr. Seuss or Dr. Phil. She had to be strong, patient, wise, fun and forgiving. She defined the meaning of “a mother’s love” for generations to come.

So Eve, here’s to you. Every mother, daughter, father and son owes you a great debt. You forged the trail and set the standard. You are our greatest and grandest mother. In you, all of humanity shares a precious gift: we are all family.

Happy Mother’s Day, Eve.

And thanks.


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