Small Victories

Because I know God is good and that He loves me, I sometimes feel it’s my responsibility to find some great good in every bad situation I face. I imagine that there was some valuable lesson for me to learn, and I’ll somehow become a better person for it.

Truth is though, I can’t see these things from God’s perspective. And when I try to second-guess His motives, I only end up heaping confusion and guilt on top of some very deep pain.

Sometimes the best I can say about a bad thing looking back is that God brought me through.

Maybe not better.
Maybe not stronger.
Maybe not smarter.

But I survived.

Until I can get a good look at it from the other side of eternity, I’ll just have to be content with that.


2 responses to “Small Victories

    • Amen to that, Russ. God is looking at it from way up there, and we’re looking at it from way down here. Corrie Ten Boom likened it to a tapestry, where we’re looking at the underside with all the tangled threads and God is looking at the top side where He sees a beautiful work of art…

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