Teen Angel

Luke 2:10-14*

10 And so this one angel is like, “Whoa, it’s okay guys, get a grip. Everyone listen up, this is totally amazing.

11 So over in Bethlehem there’s this baby who is God Himself, and He’s here to hang out with everybody.

12 And get this: He’s totally wrapped up in a baby blanket, sleeping in like, a livestock feeder or something.”

13 Then a bunch of other angels start looking at each other going,

14 “Hey, what is up with God, y’all? He’s coming down to earth and he’s not even mad or anything…”


*So Not The King James Version


6 responses to “Teen Angel

    • Thanks, Tekia. Glad you enjoyed it.

      I don’t know if any angels really do talk that way. Maybe when they visit teenagers. After all, some scholars say Mary was probably about 16 or so when the angel came to her. So maybe the shepherds weren’t all a bunch of bearded old guys either…. 🙂

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