God Talking

I always try to be cautious with phrases like, “God said this” or “God told me that”. Although some folks are perfectly comfortable with it, I know for many it can conjure up images of movie star murders and Kool-aid cocktails in Guyana. Others just think it’s arrogant. Sure, God spoke to Abraham. But little old me? A bit presumptuous, isn’t it?

And yet I find myself reaching again and again for that conversational metaphor to describe the mechanics of spiritual discovery. That’s because do I believe that God is an interactive spirit who is guiding me to these discoveries. But no, I do not hear an audible voice, nor do I hear “voices in my head”. Either one of those would likely be a signal that something up there isn’t wired correctly.

I see the concept of “God’s voice” as a way to explain a transcendent process to my earth-bound mind. Steeped in philosophical discourse, mathematical formulas and statistical analysis, my over-educated brain really doesn’t get God. It’s too busy trying to solve for X. It can’t begin to comprehend any sort of spiritual interaction unless it’s presented in concrete terms like “speaking” and “hearing”.

So if you happen to catch me recounting some “conversations” between God and me, it’s not the poppy-seed muffins. It’s just the way I get my mind to make sense of these things. Only my spirit is truly able to connect with the Divine. I guess that’s because the Divine presence is also spirit, and all communication between us takes place on a spiritual, not intellectual, level.

That’s what God told me, anyway… 😉


One response to “God Talking

  1. I heard God’s voice once (in my head) and it was a pivotal point in my life. Occasionally, I think I hear Him and am usually not sure. More often, it is as you describe – I get some sort of download and then I describe it as a conversation (though it was not one) so that I can try to understand it better.

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