God, Naturally

One night I stood at my back door window
Watching a posse of dark clouds gallop across the sky
Grazing the treetops as they rushed past.
Beyond them swirled a vast, translucent horizon streaked
With mixed shades of gray and burnt orange.

I was aware in that moment that
God was out there
Living, moving, breathing
Kicking up some dust and enjoying His splendid creation.
He invited me to experience it with Him,
Reminding me that He had made it for us to share together.

As Creator of this endlessly beautiful universe
It must thoroughly amuse the Almighty
When we come into our appropriately appointed edifices
And solemnly proclaim that we have entered
“The House of God”.

We somehow fancy Him impressed with our works
Of human architecture,
Perfectly pleased to dwell within
Their minuscule magnificence.
Meanwhile outside the walls
His enormous creation is embracing us.

He invites us to join Him out there
To sing hymns into the sky
To know how small we are
How big He is and
How much he cares for us.


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