Me Again

Two people stand before the mirror:
The one you can see, and the one that is me…

Once I was this unique work of art that God painted. But over time, other pictures were painted over top of it, ones of dubious quality.

One day I brought the crusty canvas to God and asked, “Can it ever be restored?”

“Yes it can,” He said, “but you’ll have to leave it with me.”

So I did.

Ever since then, God has been gently, carefully scraping off the counterfeit images. I get impatient sometimes, waiting on Him to finish. But as He lovingly lifts away the layers of inferior workmanship, He’s taking extra-special care not to damage the original masterpiece underneath.

That, He says, is why it’s taking so long.


8 responses to “Me Again

  1. I really love this post! I like the painting analogy. It’s really befitting of all of us who are trying to make our way back to God and stay with Him. Thanks for sharing.

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