Big Sky God

Sometimes I think I’m better off living inside of God’s big heart
Than trying to squeeze Him into mine…

Back when I was nine years old, I had this feeling inside that God was speaking to me, inviting me into something deeper. And with the simple trust a young child, I accepted. Everyone was happy and told me that I had just invited Jesus into my heart. I didn’t really understand exactly how Jesus could fit into my heart, but I did feel that somehow His presence was with me.

I also remember one year at summer camp the counselor had us all sit in our bunks, eyes wide open, and casually talk to God. As if He was standing over by the towel rack or something. It was an incredible experience. I thought it was cool that God could be right there in the same room, listening to us rap about stuff.

When life is good, it’s wonderful to feel His presence like that. In those calm and peaceful moments, I love that He can simply be my friend, and I can just talk to Him without the formality of an official “prayer”.

But then there are the turbulent times. The troubled times. Those hit-and-run crises that blindside me and leave me paralyzed with hurt and confusion. When life is at one of those critical crossroads, I need more than just a good old pal.

I need The God Of The Universe.

Someone way, way up above the heavens somewhere. Not stuck inside my right ventricle, stretching up on tippy-toes to peer out through my limited vision. Or sitting there eating a sandwich in my kitchen, experiencing life from the very same perspective as me.

I need GOD.


Capital G-O-D.

A God large enough to fold me, my family, my friends – every hurting heart – into His strong embrace. A God who is high enough above the circumstances to take one glance across space and time eternal, find the best solution, then shake all of heaven and earth to make it happen.

Sometimes I want to cry out, “Dear God, way up there, above it all, please – just handle this. Do the absolute best thing Your infinite wisdom and love and power can conceive.” While I stand and watch in awe and amazement.

After that, then maybe we can go out and get coffee or something.


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