Life Flight

When April showers bring May flowers
They don’t bring any flower boxes to put them in…

I like dandelions.


Most people aren’t too fond of them. But I’ve always thought they were pretty. They don’t smell like much, but their bright yellow goes nicely with the green of that fresh spring grass.

I know, I know…

The trouble with dandelions is that you can’t make them behave.  You can’t just plant them in that perfect little spot in your perfect little garden and expect them to raise a family right there. Sure, the parents will do okay. But at some point their soft yellow petals will turn into snow-feathered baby dandelions. And once the wind starts tugging at them, they’ll pop loose, take off and spread all over creation.

“No! No! Bad flowers!”

“Stay in the garden where you belong!”

“Bloom where you’re planted!” (Remember that one?)

These plucky paratroopers will have none of that. Powered by the breaths of God and little children, they are lifted up and away from of our fussy floral arrangements. They start popping up everywhere. They bloom wherever the wind takes them, not just where they were planted. And why would they do such a thing?

Because that’s exactly what they’re made to do.

Yes, I really do like dandelions. In a way, I almost admire them…


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