Well, What Do You Know?

Life is all we have, Love is all we’re here for.
All the rest is just echoes in the well…

Several years ago I put all my spiritual beliefs on the table. Then I prayed and asked God to show me what was true and what wasn’t. It was a bold move, but I figured my belief system was pretty solid. He’d just have to do a little tweaking here and there, right?


It seems there were things that God said, and then there were things somebody else said that God said. I was having a hard time telling the difference.

It’s sort of like I fell down a well, and I started yelling for help. So a bunch of people started yelling into the well, telling me how to get out. Meanwhile God was trying to say something too, but all the voices were getting mixed up together. Deep in the bottom of the well I couldn’t tell who was saying what. So naturally, I thought all the voices were God’s.

You can understand my confusion. All these instructions were coming at me from everywhere. I had lots of information. Had all kinds of answers to all kinds of questions. I had the 3 keys, the 12 steps and the 4 spiritual laws. But you know what?

I still couldn’t figure out how to get out of the well.

Now I’m finally learning how to tune everyone else out so I just hear God. I’ve found that if I can ever quiet the chatter in my mind, His voice will come through. As I focus in on that, the daylight just keeps getting closer and closer.

All the rest is just – well, you know


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